Le Petit Atelier du Monde 2012


Dick Roberts Studio

International Art Residency

Le Petit Atelier du Monde 2012

From April 8-27 I will be working with Gerlinde Pistner from Nurnberg, Germany and Virginia Wright Frierson from Wilmingon, NC in my studio at Acme Art Studios. We will paint together in my studio. We will present an exhibition of our paintings in the Acme gallery April 27 (4th Friday) 6-10 PM.

This is the first of an annual international art residency I will host at Acme. Le Petit Atelier du Monde (The Little Studio of the World) will take place in the spring of each year, either April or May. 2012 will feature Germany and the USA.  Future studios will involve artists from Macedonia, Denmark, Slovenia, France, among others. We will paint for three weeks and host an exhibition of the work. The exhibition will segue with the Wilmington 4th Friday Gallery tours. The public is invited and encouraged to attend.

The Le Petit Atelier du Monde 2012 exhibition will be Friday April 27 from 6-10 PM

Dick Roberts

910 232 0027  (cell)

Acme Art

711 North 5th Avenue

Wilmington, NC 28401

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