From The Mountains To The Sea

poster 06

Eight artists from North Carolina will come together for an exhibition at Acme Art Studios from May 22 until June 19, 2015. This exhibition will be an eclectic spread of talent from artists from the mountains to the sea. You will see the results of their recent forays from the large-scale drawings and paintings of Pam Toll to the surrealistic work of Mark Carter. There will be Theresa Reuter’s equestrian action paintings, Gayle Tustin’s fantastic assemblages, ceramics and constructions, and the paintings of Raed Al-Rawi’s floating worlds between North Carolina and Iraq. Also Eric Lawing’s stunning life-cycles of the forest in graphite, William Fridrich’s satirical work and homage to Joseph Cornell boxes, and Dick Roberts’ serious abstract paintings. It is truly a rich and promising tapestry of contemporary art that is coming to Acme Art Studios.

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